Company overview

Company Information

NorQual AB is a private limited liability corporation based in Sweden that have been engaged in projects in many parts of Europe and Southeast Asia. For over ten years we have been in business making companies and projects thrive by helping them with technical- and management consultancy mainly in offshore wind energy and IT related projects. We are a small company with a large network of other similar companies that work together to get the job done.


The journey of Norqual AB started at a family dinner in a small west coast town in Sweden more than ten years ago! A father and daughter founded the company in December 2011 with the dream to contribute to a sustainable world while following the passion of the employees. Since then, we have been building on our dream and done projects in many parts of Europe and southeast Asia.

Mission Management

We believe that it is ineffective for companies to hire their high-end expertise when they probably only need them for shorter periods of time. That is why they should contract us when they really need us. In the same way that we don’t believe that our customers should hire full time expert personal we also prefer to work with a large network of subcontractors.